Try Progressive Lenses Today!

Few of us like to advertise our age, especially once we reach 40 and have trouble reading fine print. Lucky for us, today’s progressive lenses make it impossible for others to tell when we’ve reached the “bifocal age.”

Bifocal lenses have only two powers – one for seeing across the room and the other for seeing up close. But what about those objects in between, like your computer screen or groceries on a store shelf?


Progressive lenses will help you see at all distances, including close-up for reading and computer use.  Today’s advanced technologies deliver a smooth, seamless progression of lens powers for clear vision – at every distance. Progressive lenses provide a more natural depth of focus, offering enhanced comfort and no “image jump.”

Progressives are available in the latest lens materials, making them thinner, lighter and more comfortable than ever. High-index plastic lenses can be up to 50% thinner than standard plastic bifocals.

For safety eyewear, many brands of progressives are available in lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Crystal-clear performance

Many progressives have compact designs specially made for smaller frames. With these new designs, wearers with small faces or anyone who wants a trim, fashion-forward frame can enjoy all the benefits of progressive lenses.

More options: for the ultimate in vision, comfort and appearance, request an anti-reflective (AR) coating to eliminate distracting reflections that cause glare when driving. For outdoor wear, progressives are available in photochromic tints for greater comfort when going inside and out. Lenses are also available as polarized sunwear, giving you deeper colours, better contrast and protection from UV rays, glare and intense light.

Let your eyecare professionals recommend a truly customized progressive lens solution – for your unique lifestyle and visual needs.

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