Back To School Time!


New adventures of a new school year bring excitement to many children. A new school year can also bring challenges.
“Roughly one in four children has a visually related learning difficulty,” says Dr. Brent Neufeld of Calgary Vision Therapy, who specializes in finding solutions for visual processing problems. “When working efficiently, vision helps a child to process and understand information. When not working properly, that visual system can contribute to learning problems.”
Vision is often missed as a roadblock to a child’s ability to learn, since sight is different than vision. Sight (20/20) is what the eyes see whereas vision relates to how we draw meaning from what we see.
How can you tell if your child needs help in building this visual ability? There are many signs: reversing words when writing or copying, confusing the same word in the same sentence and failing to visualize what is read, to name a few.
Fortunately, vision is developed in a sequence of stages, which means that vision can be trained and improved. Talk to your optometrist to find out how visual training can turn your child’s challenges into successes this school year.

Lucent Family Eye Care is a member of Eye Recommend, Canada’s Vision Care Professionals, helping doctors help their patients since 1997. We are proud to be able to help Canadians attain optimal eye health.


Hanging out at the Canadian Diabetes Association conference

The 15th annual Canadian Diabetes Association conference took place this past week at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The BC Association of Optometrists along with the Canadian Association of Optometrists also participated in this conference by educating other Health Care Providers on how diabetes can affect a person’s eyes. Pacific Medical was kind enough to set up a retinal camera at our booth to demonstrate how BC Doctors of Optometry can look into a patient’s eyes and detect diabetes and other disease in our retina and also document it via a photograph. Dr. Linda Yee and other optometrists were present at this conference and helped to educate other practitioners including nurses, pharmacists and diabetic educators on how to care for their eyes and educate the public.

Here are some photographs from our booth! We had so much fun taking photos of everyone’s eyes and almost 80% of these professionals have never even seen the inside of their eyes before! Have you?


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